PicApport PhotoSync App

Due to the spread of smartphones, many organizations, families and businesses have more and more photos stored on various devices such as cell phones or tablets.

The challenges associated with this are, for example, making one's own pictures available to others (in high quality) in an uncomplicated manner and protecting the pictures from data loss.

Almost all cell phone manufacturers offer the option of storing photos in their cloud, but for many users this is out of the question for a variety of reasons:

  • Families want to keep full control over their private photos.
  • Companies want to manage their images in compliance with the GDPR..
  • Cloud services are very often chargeable.
  • Cloud services rarely offer the option of making images easily accessible to other people.
  • There are certainly many other reasons why people want to keep control over their own photos.

PicApport Wiki

In the PhotoSync documentation you will find all information about the functionality and the user interface of the app.