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removeAddonMetadata(IAddonContext, String) - Method in interface de.contecon.picapport.groovy.IAddonFileToProcess
Utility method to remove Add-on specific metadata from the currently processed file
author Eric 15.09.2020
removeKeywords(String, List<String>) - Method in class de.contecon.picapport.groovy.PhotoFieldProvider
Optional Method.
removePerson(String) - Method in class de.contecon.imageutils.CcXMPMetaData
remove a Person form internal Set author Eric 10.09.2020
removePicApportData(String) - Method in class de.contecon.imageutils.CcXMPMetaData
removes Addon metadata author Eric 10.09.2020
removeSubject(String) - Method in class de.contecon.imageutils.CcXMPMetaData
author Eric 10.09.2020
rescanDirectoryAfterUpdate(File) - Method in interface de.contecon.picapport.groovy.IAddonContext
if an Addon has created one or more new Files it should call this function to make sure that the update is recognized author Eric 28.04.2020
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