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DATA_TYPE_STRING - Static variable in class de.contecon.picapport.groovy.PhotoFieldProvider
This is currently the only datatype supported
de.contecon.imageutils - package de.contecon.imageutils
de.contecon.picapport - package de.contecon.picapport
de.contecon.picapport.groovy - package de.contecon.picapport.groovy
de.contecon.picapport.plugins - package de.contecon.picapport.plugins
de.contecon.picapport.plugins.otherformats - package de.contecon.picapport.plugins.otherformats
dump() - Method in class de.contecon.picapport.plugins.otherformats.OtherFormatsDescriptor
PicApport internal method to display info of this plugin on console(logfile)
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